From a little meetup in March


It is already almost three months ago that I met all these talented souls in Frankfurt. Nevertheless I would like to share the photos I took of that day, because it was so special to me.

I took the bus to Frankfurt together with Moritz and Andrea. We met the rest of the group (being Charlotte Clara, Sabah Syed, Laura Lou, Curtis Spahl and Franziska Ambach) at the train station and proceeded to the palm garden. It was only there I found out that – when dropping my camera accidentally a couple of hours back – the lens on my Zenit camera was somehow stuck.
Everyone at the palm garden was very friendly and tried to help me, but it was all for nothing, it wouldn’t work. So I had to accept that it couldn’t be fixed now (maybe later, but I wasn’t sure of that) and tried to make the best of it. I had to shoot from 3-5 metres distance to get the focus right, this is why the focus in the photos may not be the best!


Beautiful Charlotte kindly modeled for me.





Credit to whoever send me this

Laura, Moritz, me, Charlotte, Curtis, Sabah, Andrea and Franziska.  Credit to whoever send me this (i don’t remember, sorry!)


It was a very lovely day and I can’t wait  for the next meetup!



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