lgc meetup – november 2014


tami, vanessa, hanna, catalina, michelle, ellen, andrea, me, chelsea, paula, marius, melf, lehar and mimi. (from left to right)


I can’t believe that over three months have already passed since one of the most beautiful weekends in my life. I spent the first weekend of November 2014 in a house (belonging to a castle) in the north of Bavaria. We were fourteen people, all united by the love of photography. There were only two girls I already knew, the rest were complete strangers for me. But only a few hours later we were no strangers anymore, and after this weekend, we’ve become friends.
I find it remarkable how quickly you can make friends when there’s this one passion you share.


sitting in the kitchen, talking, editing, helping.

Looking back at the time now, I really miss everything. The fog, getting up early, the chaos of props and clothes, preparing dinner together, the house and, of course, the people that made the time so unforgettable. I wish I had taken more candid shots and „making ofs“, but I will definitely do that on the next meetup.


The surrounding landscape was quite beautiful: open fields, forests, hills and fog. It was cold and wet most of the time, but that didn’t keep us from running around in sleeveless, thin dresses or even shirtless or barefoot and waiting patiently until your photo was taken.

Andrea taking photos of Lehar.

Andrea taking photos of Lehar.




Paula in front of the castle.

I wish I had taken photos of everyone. But I know that I often need some time until ideas have formed into photos in my head and I feel like a person’s soul should be captured, as well. So, I do not regret not having taken photos of everyone, I just wish we had more time. I don’t know if this makes any sense, at all, but to me, it does.


I felt a connection with Paula, for example, because she fascinated me even before I met her, and she still does.



I am still amazed by how quickly photo ideas, on the other hand, can come to your mind when you find yourself in a place you’ve never been to or seen before. We went up to a hill for a few times and the trees there were so utterly inspiring that I had clear visions, of what photographs I wanted to take, in my head. I think it took me just a few minutes until I knew how I wanted to portray Marius. I’ve published the series here before, but I’d like to show some photos, again, because I like them so much.
Luckily, he didn’t complain about my strange idea. And the funniest thing was that everyone else came to see what we were doing when five minutes before they were busy shooting.



I also took photos of Hanna and Catalina there.





Back in the house, I wanted to take photos of Michelle. I’ve met her before the meetup, because she was my main model for my photography project „J.E.“.



On the last day, we got up very early to catch the fog and I finally got to take a photo of Andrea, one of my closest friends, who invited me to the meetup.


I also wanted to take a photo of Melf walking and took several shots with different times, but unfortunately, I ended up with about ten identical images – without a sign of him.


Before returning to the house, Vanessa took some photos of me and afterwards kindly helped me with a selfportrait.


So here I am, three months later, writing this blogpost and remembering all the things that made this weekend so amazing. Words cannot express how thankful I am that I had the chance to be part of this meetup. I miss everyone and really hope we will meet again, soon. Thank you, Andrea, Hanna, Lehar, Marius, Melf, Vanessa, Catalina, Mimi, Ellen, Tami, Michelle, Paula and Chelsea for the best time.

The amazing Paula made a video about the meetup:

All photos can be seen in our Flickr group here:


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