Here are the questions you asked and my answers:

Q: What camera do you use? Which camera can you recommend for a beginner?

A:when shooting digitally i began taking photos with a nikon, so my first film camera was a nikon f60. With my growing passion for analog photography i discovered that with different cameras you achieve different looks. At the moment i use about 6 film cameras, mostly zenit 12xp, weltaflex and mamiya rb67.
It really depends on the project.
For a beginner i can recommend the nikon f60, because it’s not so very different from a digital camera at first glance and very easy to use.

Q: What type of film do you use?

A: With black and white I use Ilford film, mostly the HP5. When I take colour photos, I often use Kodak Portra, Fuji Superia or even a cheap drug store film.

Q: How and where do you develop your films? Any developing services you can recommend (for Germans)?

A: I develop black and white films myself and colour films i mostly give to a local drug store, because it’s quite cheap and I can’t complain about anything so far.
In my hometown I either go to dm or MediaMarkt to get my films developed.

Q: How did you discover your passion for analog photography? What is so fascinating in shooting on film instead of digitally?

A: My analog journey started in October 2013 when I began taking conceptual photos on film for the first time. I had used film cameras before every now and then, but only to capture personal memories, like when i was with my family.
I remember using a Kodak Gold in my Nikon F60 on a sunny afternoon. When I got the photos back from development I was in awe. They looked like I always wanted my photographs to be and what I was desperately looking for when shooting digitally.
„Magic“ is one word that mostly comes to my mind when thinking about film photography. How the light exposes the material and you can really hold the photo in your hands.

Q: How much does your photography cost you per month?

A: It depends on the project and how many I am doing at the moment. And as I mainly shoot on black and white film, I can develop that myself and save some money.
On average I spend about 15 euros on photography per month.

Q: Can you show us three of your favourite photos? (One of a person, one of a place and one of a special situation)

A: Person: I chose the photo I took on that sunny October afternoon, the photo that left me with excitement. It is called „dust to dust“ (the photo on the right).

Place: „waterbound“ is the photo I chose. I took it about one year ago when I was in Allgäu with my friends. the little lake was magical and i had to take advantage of the light. (photo on the top left)

Situation: I chose a photo with I have taken a couple of weeks ago. I was testing my new underwater film camera in the swimming pool with my sister and really love the result. (bottom left photo)


Q: Can you name artists that influenced you in the past and some that inspire you today?

A: When I was still in school I absolutely loved Andy Warhol, because of his unique and unadapted style. I still admire his work today. For some time now I have been inspired by Kristian Schuller.

Q: What does photography mean to you? What does art mean to you?

A: photography means everything to me as it’s my first real passion. I never learned playing an instrument or was into sports, but when i discovered photography I found my true passion. It’s a sort of universal language that can be understood by anyone, and in this language i can express my thoughts and feelings.
Art to me is something that evokes feelings in us, no matter if positive or negative. It makes us think.

Q: How come you take self portraits?

A: I often found myself desperately looking for a model to photograph and one day I thought why not photograph myself? Little by little i discovered that I could portray my feelings so much better when taking photos of myself. There are times when I mostly photograph myself or people very close to me, and then there are times when I photograph other people for my concepts. It really depends on my mood sometimes!

Q: Which of your photos is your best? Which one is the most important?

A: I find that really hard to answer, as I like all my photos equally. So I’d rather share a favourite of mine: „and I’m never returning“ because it shows what I love in photography – the mysterious, dark atmosphere.


Q: Is there something you always wanted to try in photography, but haven’t doneso before?

A: There are a lot of things! Especially the experimental ones, like film soup, developing with caffenol or experimenting with photo emulsion. I really would love to try these things soon!

Q: What would you like to photograph if money was no obstacle? Where would you travel to?

A: Difficult question, as I never really thought about that! I think I’d find it amazing if I could attend a big meetup with lots of talented people and then take photos of them and talk. And time is important – there should be enough time to get to know everyone.
I would love to travel to Iceland! I think many can relate, because the landscape there is so exceptional and beautiful. Plus I love the North very much.

Q: Do you write all the poems that come along with the photos yourself?

A: Yes, I do. They mostly come from my diary and either I have written them shortly before taking a photo or I write them expecially for the photo i took (but this happens very seldomly).

Q: Do you remember your photographic beginnings?

A: Of course!

Digital: I started with a 365 project (which I quit after about 100 days).


Analog: My first experience with black and white film was back in 2012 when I took a portrait series for my university course.


Q: What do you like more? Sponatenous or planned photos?

A: I love planning. I keep a note book for my photography projects only, where I plan shoots and even sketch my photo ideas. But like always, chance plays a big role, so it doesn’t always go as planned, but that’s totally okay for me!

Q: Do you want to tell stories with your photos or do you only want them to show moments of your life?

A: I mostly want to tell a story with my photos. I have my personal stories belonging to them, but I want everyone to imagine their own when looking at my work. I think unique interpretation is very important and fascinating.

THANK YOU very much for all the questions, it was fun answering them!
If you have further questions, you can always ask me!


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