forget me not




seven weeks have passed since the last meetup, which took place in brunswick, where i met all these wonderful souls. (some weeks will probably pass by again, until i can share all the images and impressions from this time)

among them was catalina, who i already got to know almost one year ago on another meetup. one evening, when it started getting dark, some of our group went outside to take photos – mainly because we thought it was foggy, but we later discovered it was smoke instead…there was a very small park with a playground nearby and as we strolled about i decided to take photos of catalina. i usually tend to plan my photos, write short concepts, even often sketch the photos i have in mind, but this time, it was different. i saw the moody sky and the playground in front of me and catalina sitting in this big swing and it just looked so beautiful through the viewfinder of my camera – so i just went with this feeling of letting go of too much control and just shoot. it was totally incredible and i experienced my photographic view in a totally different way.


when picking up the film a couple of weeks later from development, i was nervous. it had been very dark already when i had taken the photos. i had borrowed chris‚ 35mm 1.4 lens, but at that time i didn’t know if the photos would even be bright enough or in focus. too see that they turned out well was like an affirmation.





thank you, catalina.
take a look at her amazing work here.


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